What is Bitcoin mining?

Bitcoin mining is the person who produces crypto money and verifies transactions on the blockchain. To become a crypto miner, you need the technical equipment (ASIC, graphics card, processor, hard disk).

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The types of processors that can be used for bitcoin mining are; CPU, GPU, FPGA

what is bitcoin mining

  1. Degree of Difficulty

The degree of difficulty is the total excavation of the system, ie the total excavation power of all miners. This excavation power increases and decreases according to the density of miners.

  1. HASH

The process of generating new data that is much smaller than any one-way and unique one is called the hash. The same result is obtained whenever the same data is input to the same hash algorithm.

  1. Hashing

Hashing is the process of taking an input of any length and converting it into an encrypted output with a series of mathematical algorithms. For example; Bitcoin uses an algorithm called SHA-256.


The mathematical equations used for transfers in this type of mining are solved by the CPU.


It is a type of bitcoin mining made with the video card. As graphics cards are more efficient than CPUs in terms of capacity, Bitcoin miners have begun mining with graphics cards as the challenge increases.

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Graphics cards are much more efficient than processors to solve the mathematical problems required for coin mining. The reason for this is that GPUs, which are graphics cards, are much more efficient than CPUs in floating point calculations
Yes, you can do bitcoin mining and fold your money every day
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